COVID-19 Survivor Celebrated Upon Discharge from Englewood Community Hospital

Englewood, FL, August 5, 2021 – Englewood Community Hospital caregivers lined the halls Wednesday to cheer for Mauricio Calderon, a 54-year-old COVID-19 survivor, as he was wheeled to his wife’s car. 
Caregivers celebrated Mauricio’s release after 27 days of treatment at the hospital. He wore a mask but his eyes were beaming with joy.
Calderon began experiencing symptoms including shortness of breath and coughing a few weeks earlier. When symptoms worsened, he was transported to the Englewood Community Hospital Emergency Department. He received a test, was diagnosed COVID-19 positive and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for close hemodynamic monitoring.
“My care team was amazing. My nurse team gave the best advice and all I did was listen.  The education they gave me, explaining how my lungs work was great information,” said Mr. Calderon, “My respiratory team – great.  They educated me how to breathe. I pushed myself.  I have a family, I have to raise them, I was praying to the Lord to get me through this and give me strength.”
“The treatment plan included the use of antibiotics, steroids, and antivirals to lessen his symptoms.  He slowly responded to therapy and played active part in his recovery.” said Dr. Paul Chupka, Medical Staff Officer who treated Mr. Calderon. “These are unprecedented times and the fact that we get to send home a patient who survived a COVID-19 infection for so long is a moment we should celebrate.”
Calderon, a local masonry business owner, offered some advice about the COVID-19 vaccine, “I understand everyone has their opinion on the vaccination.  But coronavirus is real, everyone.  It’s real. It’s not an easy thing to go through. I do recommend, especially older people, definitely take it.”

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