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Wall-Rite Solutions



About Us

Wall-Rite Solutions is the Authorized retail and wholesale dealer of the Crown Wall™ Garage and Home organization system. We stock all material in our Sarasota warehouse which can be picked up for immediate installation. This is a system which can be installed by a contractor, handyman, or a DIY project.
We have showroom walls set up to show the advantage of utilizing the system not only in a garage or shop setting, but just as useful and visually appealing for laundry rooms, pantries, mud rooms, and even bedrooms or offices. The virgin vinyl wall panels are structurally engineered to hold items up to 150 lbs./lineal ft. for the 6" wide panels, and 250 lbs./lineal ft. for the 8" wide panels.
The accessories simply hook into the slots and can be moved or rearranged based on how you would like to organize the space. There are numerous accessories that will handle just about anything you would like to get off the floor, work bench, or desk.
We would love to show you all the advantages and uses of the system. Please stop by our showroom during walk-in hours or call for an appointment that works better with your schedule.