Tiki Printing & Design, Inc.

Tiki Printing & Design, Inc.



About Us

We offer a wide range of customized apparel from standard work shirts to function & event tees. Additionally, we offer a large variety of promotional items such as bags, mugs, aprons, and towels that we can personalize with your business or event logo.

We have fun, but deliver exceptional hands-on service no matter the job!
Andy, Heidi, and Rick each bring years of experience to the table, so come in and meet us.
We'll walk you through the process and help you figure out how to bring your idea to life.
Don't have time for a visit, you can call or email us too!

Why Custom Apparel?
- To showcase your company's branding, create awareness, inquiries, and engagement.
- To standardize a look between your group, team or organization.
- For a special event or gathering

Our job is to exceed your expectations in every way imaginable, from the quality of the apparel to the precision of the prints, we deliver all this at an exceptional cost with minimal involvement from our customers. We make it easy, simply choose your items, send us your artwork and we'll handle the rest. We also make re-ordering a very simple and easy process for when you need a repeat order quickly.


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