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About Us

“It's not all about me or the firm. It's all about the client, and I’m
looking at the total picture of your business.” —Bill Figaro

Hi, I’m Bill Figaro, Principal Consultant and owner of The Pocket
CFO, a company that provides full-service CFO, fractional
controller, and contract accounting to small and mid-sized
business owners.

What does all that mean? Business owners are struggling, and
they desperately need my help, but many of them don’t know
where to find me. That’s why most of the business I do is through
word-of-mouth referrals.

There aren’t many professionals out there who do what I do. And
that’s why I decided to start The Pocket CFO. I realized the
average business owner had no idea of what their margin, cost of
goods, true profit, or direction of their company actually was.
Nobody had taken the time to explain things to them in a
straightforward way that actually made sense.

That’s What I Do in My Business Today, and That’s Why I
Love What I Do!

At The Pocket CFO, we do everything from the day-to-day to the
big-picture visionary strategic planning for companies. To put it
simply, we help business owners get out of their own way. We do
this by showing them how to increase their profit margins and
accomplish the goals they’ve been struggling to reach, but just
can’t seem to get close enough to accomplish.


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