Suncoast Welcoming Committee

Suncoast Welcoming Committee



About Us

Suncoast Welcoming Committee is the town’s newest way of connecting new residents with local businesses! We are your face to face, hand in hand advertising company. We welcome new homeowners into the area with a tote full of goodies from local small businesses by going door to door and attending community get togethers. Our totes include promotional items, coupons and samples from local vetted businesses we recommend. We also share YOUR story with them, tell them a bit about your company and share your business on our social media platforms. Just like us, people that move to our area are typically from out of state, not knowing how to find the best painter, yummiest pizza for dinner or where to find a pet sitter, that’s when Suncoast Hosts comes into play! We help take the guesswork out and give these companies an advantage of being the first brands in their hands. We serve “Paradise on a Platter” to our new residents and would love for you to be part of it.


Our Grand Opening Tote
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