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Sun Events

Sun Events


About Us

Sun Events is a family-owned business, committed to delivering a great show – every time. Based in Venice, Florida, we promote a wide variety of award-winning national artists. We bring back the best bands year after year by popular demand, while also introducing new talent. We are constantly on the look-out for high-quality venues throughout the country who are dedicated to the customer experience. We strive to exceed the expectations of the talent, the venue, and the audience.

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Gallery Image VCC_Motown_Flyer_01.11.23_(500_%C3%97_500_px).jpg
Gallery Image VCC_BeeGees_Monitor_01.25.23_(500_%C3%97_500_px).jpg
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Gallery Image VCC_SimonandGarf_Monitor_03.29.23_(500_%C3%97_500_px).jpg
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