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Bicycles International

Bicycles International


About Us

Welcome to Bicycles International, the hub of cycling excellence in Venice, Florida! With a legacy spanning over a decade, we've grown into a passionate community of riders and bike enthusiasts. Our core values revolve around fostering a culture of cycling, collaboration, and customer-centric service.

?? Passion for Pedaling: At Bicycles International, we breathe, live, and love cycling. Our team comprises dedicated cyclists who know the thrill of every ride and understand the unique needs of riders at all levels. We're here to share our knowledge, experience, and pure passion for two-wheel adventures.

?? Quality Beyond Compare: We're proud to be an authorized dealer of renowned brands like Trek and Cannondale. When you step into our shop, you're welcomed by an array of top-tier bikes and accessories. Our commitment to quality means you're always riding the best, no matter your cycling style.

?? Service Excellence: Beyond offering premium products, we provide top-notch maintenance and repair services. From fixing a flat to fine-tuning your bike, our experienced technicians ensure your two-wheeled companion stays in peak condition.

?? Community-Centric: We're more than a bike shop; we're your local cycling family. Our dedication to community extends to organizing local rides, events, and supporting cycling initiatives in Venice. We believe that cycling brings people together and strengthens bonds.

?? Cycling for All: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your cycling journey, our shop welcomes riders of all ages and abilities. We're here to guide, support.


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