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About Us

Bartolini Design Co. is a Full-Service Web Development Studio in Venice FL. I specialize in -

FRONT-END: Responsive HTML5 CSS3 & JQuery
WORDPRESS: Responsive WordPress Theme
SHOPIFY: E-Commerce Websites

In today’s post-covid 19 world, having a professionally designed website is more important than ever. The competition is high for everything we see online, and the brick & mortar is almost gone. People will judge your company’s professionalism by the speed, appearance, and functionality of your website. Having only a facebook page for your business is a thing of the past.

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it shows in your website functionality too. A website that looked great last year, my own included, does not look great in 2021. Today’s websites need to be maintained on a regular basis, for code deprecation, and SEO purposes alone! That is, if you want your clients to find you on Google Search. This is the reason I’m now offering retainers to my customers.

With a retainer, you receive on-going support services, at affordable rates, for any number of websites.

My services are dedicated to helping you grow your business. Design & Development is not my hobby, it is my life. It is my true passion, and I love to share my passion with my clients, while also providing an amazing experience for their customers.

When you hire me to help build or maintain your website, you will receive:

Expert Design
High Quality Code
Quality Assurance
Amazing Customer Care

Don’t lose business to your competitors. Call or email me today.


  • High Quality Code
  • Expert Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Amazing Customer Care

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