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Anthony's NY Italian Ices

Anthony's NY Italian Ices


About Us

Discover the taste of tradition at our beloved Italian ice and bakery shop in Venice, Florida! With over two decades of experience serving the Brooklyn community, we bring the same passion for quality and flavor to the sunny shores of Florida.

For over 20 years, our roots in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, have shaped our commitment to crafting the finest Italian ice. We've perfected the art of creating cool, refreshing Italian ice using the freshest ingredients and real fruit. Our dedication to tradition means you can savor every bite with the knowledge that it's been made with love and expertise.

Italian Ice Like No Other
Our Italian ice is a labor of love. We make everything fresh in-house, ensuring that each scoop bursts with genuine Italian flavor. Whether you crave classic favorites like lemon and cherry or adventurous tastes like mango or raspberry, our Italian ice delights the senses and transports you to the streets of Italy with every bite.

From Brooklyn to Venice
In our new chapter, we're excited to introduce something extra special: a taste of New York City's renowned bakery scene. We've expanded our offerings to include the finest breads and pastries straight from the heart of NYC. Imagine indulging in fluffy bagels, flaky croissants, and artisanal bread that's baked to perfection - all without leaving sunny Venice.

A Slice of Brooklyn in Venice
At our Italian ice and NYC bakery, you'll experience a little slice of Brooklyn right here in Florida. From the moment you walk through our doors, the cozy ambiance and friendly service will make you feel

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